Book & Author Promotion

We are India’s first-ever book and author promotion agency, helping both first-time and experienced authors promote their books to as wide an audience as possible. Based on our in-depth knowledge of how the book industry works, we are able to offer a full suite of marketing and PR services to help authors at every stage of the book promotion process.

Whether you are looking to generate buzz ahead of a new book launch, gain momentum and drive sales during the main launch period, or continue to drive sales after a book has already been published, we can help you achieve success with your publishing efforts. We can even help foreign authors who would like to publicize their books within India.

We understand the key elements that go into making any book launch successful. Most importantly, we understand that books won’t sell unless authors help to promote these books themselves. In today’s highly fragmented publishing industry, publishers do try, but their efforts are not enough. And with the growth of the Internet, many publishers simply lack the experience to promote your book effectively across social networks and emerging media platforms.

Who do we serve?

For first-time and self-published authors, we offer comprehensive launch campaigns, including the conceptualization and build of your book website, the development of a social media campaign to reach potential readers, and a full media campaign to get advance reviews and media coverage of your book.

For more established authors, we offer highly targeted marketing campaigns that complement any social media presence you may already have by developing a sophisticated online strategy for getting your book noticed by influencers and industry leaders. We can help to establish you as a thought leader and secure a number of important public speaking engagements to build your audience.

And, for foreign authors, we offer a number of services that help you promote your books to India’s large reader audience, including promotion on India’s top social networks and access to media and events that are difficult for foreigners to arrange without connections within the industry.

What do we offer?

Each comprehensive launch campaign includes important elements that promote your book through each stage of its development. Here’s what you can expect from our book and author promotion services:

During the PRE-LAUNCH stage, we help to conceptualize and create a unique book or author website, build out your social media platform, develop your blog strategy, and start to connect you with online influencers.

During the LAUNCH stage, we will launch a comprehensive media campaign for you intended to secure reviews and media coverage, place news and articles with high-traffic websites and arrange public speaking engagements. We can help you select venues, build relationships with the media, and handle all blogger and/or celebrity guest invites for launch events. We can also arrange TV, radio and other press opportunities on a case-by-case basis.

During the POST-LAUNCH stage, we will use the momentum from the PRE-LAUNCH and LAUNCH stage to drive book sales even further. This includes placing news items and articles with the media, reaching out to book bloggers, interacting with fans and followers across social media, and finding new press story pegs to attract readers and new audience members.

Who are we?

Our team consists of a dedicated group of book industry veterans who have promoted a number of up-and-coming authors in India. We specialize in using social media and the most innovative techniques in digital marketing to get you noticed. Based in Mumbai and Delhi, we are able to offer our book and author promotion services anywhere within India, and even for foreign authors looking to enter the Indian market. PS: We strongly recommend you to read our FAQClick Here.