5 reasons you should read short story collection Monsoon Minds by Ravi Nambiar

MONSOON MINDS – a collection of short stories by Ravi Nambiar takes the readers through all-together different rustic village settings with his lucid and simple style of writing which appeals to readers of all ages. The characters in these stories are so realistic that readers will “see” them as having met them sometime some-where. Each story depicts typical personal traits and opens up heart-warming human interactions. Set in the Pre-Tech-Invasion era, readers are amused how the life is depicted nicely without any “mobile communications”, “social networking” etc… just plain and smooth personal interactions.

Monsoon Minds
Monsoon Minds by Ravi Nambiar

1. In “A Rural Desire” – one finds a typical curiosity which every one has as to how his or her own Obituary column with picture would like…

2. Love, crush, infatuation, which is so common in everyone’s life is beautifully depicted in “An Old Love Story”, “By the Waves”.

3. Characters in these stories come from all walks of life and of all ages which captivate the minds of the readers with their varied personalities – the flower-vending small and innocent girl; the young and bubbly young girl, middle aged people and even characters on their last leg of this earthly journey.

4. Dilemma and paradoxes in life, which are so very common, find their expression in “The God of Mason”, “The Last Pilgrimage”.

5. Love and affection for the pets and animals comes through vividly in “A Divine Bonding”. Readers actually feel the “Divine Bonding” in this simple and heart-rendering narrative.

Through all these short stories, which never lead to the boredom, Ravi has captured the tender feelings of these innocent and offers insight into the world, culture, and lives of the next-door Indian people.

Ravi Nambiar writes occasionally on topics like sentimental values and relationships. A believer in karma, he lives in Bangalore, India.

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Totally impressed with his writing style… the emotions and feelings so nicely brought out that each story reaches the “heart”! Did not feel like keeping the book away till I had read all the stories.

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