Amazon Marketing rejects advertisement hurting religious setiments

Amazon recently rejected an advertisement which they felt is hurting religious sentiments. This advertisement was for a client of ours who has a book questioning Biblical Jesus while maintaining existence of Historical Jesus.

Here is the rejection email:

Thank you for submitting your ad campaign “xyz” for review. We are unable to serve your ad campaign because it does not comply with our Book Ads Creative Acceptance Policy. Specifically,

– Your Product Display Ad is for a non-fiction religion-specific book. These books include sacred texts (Qur’an, Bible, Bhagavad Gita, Guru Granth Sahib, etc.), commentary on these sacred texts, and educational or explanatory books about the specific religion. To help provide a welcoming experience for customers of all faiths and beliefs, please promote this book using our keyword-targeted ads (Sponsored Brands and Sponsored Products) selecting keywords relevant to that religion or about religion in general.
– Your book title or cover contains misspellings.

We appealed to them stating we are using Keyword Targeting ads and there are no misspellings in the title.

They wrote back:

Thanks for your patience. We have determined that the content of your book is not suitable for all audiences. 

We review ads on a case-by-case basis and reserve the right to not run ads that contain elements that may not be appropriate for all audiences. This may include ads for non-fiction controversial books related to a particular religion. 
The content of your book may be interpreted to be offensive for readers of a particular religion and it may hurt their sentiments and therefor it is not appropriate for advertisement.

For more details on our Amazon Advertising policy, check:

The book contains arguments on the subject and is not at all offensive to the religion.


An author should build up his platform

Building an platform is an amazingly powerful thing an author can do. Tim Grahl, a successful author and book marketer has identified 3 steps for building an author platform.

Permission. You need to have a way to communicate with your fans that reliably gets their attention and drives them into action.

Content. You need to put your work out into the world widely and freely, for people to easily find and interact with.

Outreach. You need a way to move people from not knowing you exist to knowing you exist.

If an author can figure out a way to figure out the Outreach + Content + Permission equation, he or she is going to be successful.

3 common ways of getting connected to potential readers are 1) Speaking at a conference or college or other places 2) Guest Blog 3) Find other authors to promote you on their platform.

Most authors mistake a platform as a channel for self-promotion hard sales. It is not. It will annoy your readers.

If you haven’t started making an author platform, do it now as it takes years to build one.