We have listed some basic questions we receive in the mail. Please go through:

What Services Do you provide for an author?

We provide an entire spectrum of services. Most of them are listed in the link ( https://bookpr.in/book-pr-author-promotion/ )

I am still not clear about the services.

We understand. We are also not clear about your requirements. Each book and author requires a custom approach.

I still have not understood. Do you have packages?

Click for Packages

Sigh! So what do you do?
We give custom solutions. For example, there is a different approach to the promotion of fiction and nonfiction. Each sub-genre requires a different approach. We use a mix of PR and Advertising.

How much does it cost and what is the breakup?

We accept Rs 50,000/- as basic budget. It consists of out retainer + Taxes + Cost of the actual implementation. It goes higher if more services are required. Beyond our fees and taxes, we help to bring down the cost of venue rentals, ad budgets etc or we help you get more value out of it.

How many books will I sell if I accept the basic budget?

Our task is to reach the maximum targeted potential customers. Conversion to sales is Publisher’s responsibility.

I am a new author, I am willing to take costs, will you help me? How much should be my ideal budget?

Of course! An ideal budget could be between Rs 1 Lakh and above.

Will you give us a plan?

Yes, after signing up. However, please remember, we change the plans in-between if the analytics show that the current one is not working. We go through a lot of trial and error method. As we said, this is customized.

Give me a plan and then I will decide if I take your services.

Very well. We charge non-refundable Rs 25,000 + GST for planning and it is paid before we start planning. This can be adjusted into the budget for implementation. There is a difference between a packaged deal and individual components. In the package, you get this included in the fee.

I don’t have time to promote, will you do it for us?

It is possible in certain cases. But, if have to succeed, you have to be involved.

Are you good?

Are you good?

Do you have any references?

Below testimonial will do?

The friendly voice I was greeted with when I first called up Bookpr struck me instantly. And the first thought that came to my mind was ‘Whoa! What a relief!’ – I was proved right within the next few minutes. Being a debut author and always full of self-doubt had made me nervous. The world of books is huge and one could easily get lost trying to figure out what is what and who is who. After spending days, months and years in writing, not to speak about a fatigued mind, the last thing I wanted to think of is marketing. But not thinking about it is death knell for any book nowadays. Hopefully, both me and my book was salvaged by Bookpr. The man at the helm of affairs is Joseph P Chacko (I fondly call him J) and I was taking about his voice – he has a great baritone. Five minutes down the conversation, I was assured I was in right hands. Three months down the line, I think it proved to be a boon. It is not just about the competent team of bookpr, it goes much beyond that. Working with them was like taking a refresher course in book marketing, atleast for a novice like me. They are all about meticulous planning and brilliant strategies – people who give a lot of time and thought to your book.And they have great respect for authors! If my book has seen a little sunlight, it is just because of J and his team – together they are just formidable! I am not going to say what they exactly do and how they do it – you’ll have to check it out for yourself. By Gautam Choudhry, Author, Rafflesia – The Banished Princess.

Ok, I am willing to take a plunge. What are the next steps?

Send us a mail with your book name, genre, approx. budget, publishing company name and the time frame. We will guide you through.