Quotes from Indian Authors for making a book successful

Most of us aspire to write a book and ofcourse make it successful. While writing a book is tedious but easier than making it successful. Hindustan Times has compiled eight points that Indian authors recommend for making a book successful. Although Preeti Vyas is not an author herself, her husband Amish Tripathi credits her for being the driving force behind the marketing of the books.

1) ‘Believe in the story. You live in a free country where you have a right to be heard. Don’t be afraid of putting it out there’ – Preeti Vyas

2) ‘Bounce ideas off Friends and family. A lot of the plans for the Immortals book came from calling people home and feeding them coffee, dinner and apple pie’ – Preeti Vyas

3) ‘Writing isn’t everything. There are a lot of books out there. Many don’t make it to the reader. Yours has to shout “I’m here! I deserve to be read!” – Sangram Surve

4) ‘Approach every publisher It’s still the best way to get a book out’ – Preeti Vyas

5) ‘Don’t fear failure. The moment you are afraid of what people, readers, critics think, you’ll be paralyzed. You can’t make decisions based on market research’ – Amish Tripathi

6) ‘Prepare to do the selling. Publishers don’t have the bandwidth or the money to push every book. Figure out what each of your stakeholders’ selfish interest is and add it to your marketing plan’ – Sangram Surve

7) If it doesn’t work, it’s cool, man everyone gets three out of 10 decisions wrong. But if you’re wrong more often than you’re right, you have a capability issue. You probably should be in another industry’ – Amish Tripathi

8) Remember that in India, the average bestseller is still only 3,000 to 10,000 copies – Sivaraman Balakrishnan

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